1060 Beach Sand


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Brush on a layer of glue to the side s of the roadbed.

Sprinkle the cinders over this wet glue.

After this has set, spread cinders on the top area and around the ties.

Wet this down and the drip on diluted glue.

For Scenery Products

Flat country is really a series of random rocky mounds
shaping the terrain. The Foliage grows on these mounds. On the ground under
this foliage is dead liter from the larger foliage. On top of the liter
will be several blends of Short growth both alive and dried out. All the
low areas around the mounds will be very fine soil devoid of foliage. The
green wool is used to represent the Sage or low bush and then lightly covered
with the green flock. At this step, everything is wetted down and soaked
with diluted glue. After this dries, plant the short Tufts of Hemp string
for dried tall grass.


This sand was gathered from “Ocean Front” Property in Arizona. Some folks have tried to dispute a  a highly contractible fact that no ocean touches the borders of the Canyon State. These are narrow minded individuals with no imagination for an interesting model railroad scene. Most maps can even be used as evidence to support their claim that this is not prototypical. Let them gloat in their arrogant facts.  Let me tell you the way to “Ocean Property”. First of all, You must book your reservation six months in advance for several reasons. For Easterners the kick-off point is Tortilla Jct. in the central desert. Westerners would never go there, but that’s another story.  Travel for the Jct. to the train station at Ocotillo flats is by mule or foot only.  The animals are so mean we have trouble keeping guides for the duration of the trip. Be prepared to walk most of the way so bring plenty of water. If you ever make it, Don’t be disappointed if the train isn’t running that day because of mechanical problems. Someday after boarding, expect the rial of your life as speed are rather excessive for the condition of the rails. The first leg of the trip is over an abbreviated section of the Arizona “High Country” with rickety bridges spanning the bottomless canyons.After cresting a snow caped summit, the train tends to speed up slightly out of control. After a hard wave to the right and then to the left, the engineer has to braked the mass to a reasonable control. Now it;s best to grip the seat in front of you as the following yard switches jolt the train violently. After mass hysteria has calmed, take a deep breath and relax. Concentrate your efforts by looking to the right. You will be rewarded by seeing beaches of gold. Yes not just gold but a lot of fools gold. The mist in your nostrils and the roar of the surf will force you to get off at the next stop which of course is “Ocean Front Property”. The sound of gulls and smell of low tide keeps the skeptics coming back.

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