107 High Desert Soil


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Use the #1070 powder to establish a base color and #107-03 for the sand and gravel on top.

You can apply it either wet or dry.

Then sprinkle to sand & gravel material on the hill tops and higher terrain. Larger rock such as our 1025 High Desert Field Stone can be added to the scene if desired. Foliage products can be added at this time.

To apply wet:

  1. Wet the area with soapy water and then drip on the mixture of glue and water.  I like to use two parts water and one part glue for this.
  2. You can cover any bare spots with more powder at this time.

To apply dry:

Dry applications can be made with several layers of this and other rock products and even Foliage.

#1070 High Desert Silty Earth

All Scale Scenery

10oz Genuine Scenery for the Craftsman


# 107-03 High Desert Sand & Gravel

All Scale Scenery

12oz Genuine for the Craftsman

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Weight .8 lbs

0 Powder, 03 Sand and Gravel