New York Central Kaibab Limestone Ho Scale Ballast


Light Tan Limestone Ballast


Brush on a layer of glue to the side s of the roadbed.

Sprinkle the cinders over this wet glue.

After this has set, spread cinders on the top area and around the ties.

Wet this down and the drip on diluted glue.

For Scenery Products

Flat country is really a series of random rocky mounds
shaping the terrain. The Foliage grows on these mounds. On the ground under
this foliage is dead liter from the larger foliage. On top of the liter
will be several blends of Short growth both alive and dried out. All the
low areas around the mounds will be very fine soil devoid of foliage. The
green wool is used to represent the Sage or low bush and then lightly covered
with the green flock. At this step, everything is wetted down and soaked
with diluted glue. After this dries, plant the short Tufts of Hemp string
for dried tall grass.

Everything Printed on the Label

Front Side

Arizona Rock & Mineral Co.

HO Scale

no. 102-2

12 OZ



Back Side

0703610238404 Product Description 1022 KAB

Several scenery products can be applied dry before they are bonded. Apply one of our soil or powder materials about two inches wide on edge and up to the top of the cork roadbed. Finnish by applying another color ballast just around the ties. When satisfied with its coverage and appearance, wet and bond it in place.

Arizona Rock & Mineral Co.

PO BOX 567

Paulden AZ 86334

Legal Stuff

This is manufactured for model railroads and scenery supplies.

This is not for plants or animals.

This is real rock and rock powders are from Arizona quarries.
Our rock and rock powders are not washed before or after crushing.
We do not added any man made materials to the rock or rock powder*.
Our Rock and earth powders are not dyed or otherwise altered.
Colors may very from bag to bag and order to order.

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