105 Pennsylvania Gray


Gray blend limestone is one of the most popular colors with the eastern modelers.

This is a natural blend that could be used for several different railroads East of the Mississippi river.

If you are planning connections to the mountains or deserts, use this product for the mainline that connects to those Western branch lines.

As your railroad works west, the geology and color changes so use different colors for the ballast and scenery.

  • Spread the material right from the package in slight shaking motion.
  • Wet the area with water from an atomizer that has a drop of liquid soap in it.
  • Drip on a mixture of one part glue and three parts water.
  • Let Dry.
  • Repeat bonding application one or two more times insure adequate bonding.

For the Powder:

  • Light gray limestone is for dry or wet use.
  • Vertical surfaces require painting with the products.
  • Mix into a 50/50 solution of white glue and water and brush on.
  • Use the powder dry for “Zip Texturing” on slopes or level terrain.

All Scale 1050  Base Color Powder light Gray



1051 Pennsylvania Railroad Light Gray

N Scale Ballast


1052  Pennsylvania Railroad Light Gray

HO Ballast

9 oz


1053  Pennsylvania Railroad Light Gray

HO Mainline Ballast



1054 Pennsylvania Railroad Light Gray


Large Scale Ballast O & G


1050 Light Gray Scenery Base Powder
1051 Pennsylvania Gray N Scale Ballast
1052 Pennsylvania Gray HO Ballast
1053 Pennsylvania Gray HO Mainline Ballast
1054 Pennsylvania Gray Large Scale

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs

0 Powder, 1 N Scale, 2 HO Scale, 3 Large "O" Scale, 4 Rocks "G" Scale